Hasson / Blunt Port System


Comfort, Control and an Easy Mode of Entry
The GENICON Single-Use Hasson Port System’s compelling features are designed for laparoscopic surgeons who prefer an “open technique” for the initial site of trocar insertion.

The 13mm-5mm trocar system consists of a Blunt Tip Obturator and a suture anchoring device to secure the cannula into place. Upon entry into the free space of the abdominal cavity, the Blunt Tip Obturator aids in reducing the potential for injury to internal structures. The soft threaded anchoring device is designed to secure the cannula firmly into place while acting as a “plug” to prevent gas leakage during instrument manipulation. This unique suture anchoring device may be adjusted up and down the shaft of the cannula for precise depth insertion.

  • The GENICON Hasson offers an industry first ergonomic palm grip for a more comfortable insertion.
  • Suture anchor wing assembly can be adjusted to the surgeon’s desired depth using a single hand, while the unique suture anchor design allows for a quick and easy mode of securing the port in place.
  • Soft and malleable silicone sleeve conforms to skin and abdominal tissue, creating a better seal.

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Hasson Port System (5 per box)

Part Number

12mm x 100mm System with Blunt Tip Obturator, Smooth Cannula, and Suture Anchoring Device 400-012-131

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