The GENICON Single-Use Cannula features a beveled tip to help prevent peritoneal tenting. The patented Radiolucent Cannula System firmly anchors into the abdominal wall by means of an atraumatic fascia thread. To ensure smooth insertion, our cannula thread features a beveled distal edge which helps prevent patient trauma. Air-tight dual seal valve technology maintains pneumoperitoneum during instrument exchanges of all diameters, as well as facilitating the passage of suture needles.

Air-tight seal

  • GENICON Single-Use Cannula are available in a variety of configurations, and feature angled and beveled tips.
  • Proprietary helical thread design provides a secure and reliable fixation to the abdominal wall.
  • Intuitive push on/off button for CO2 flow.
  • Cannula cap is easily removed for specimen retrieval for rapid desufflation.
  • Primary valve will maintain seal with a variety of instrument sizes, from 4.7 mm – 15 mm.
  • Unique geometry of the primary valve reduces instrument drag and resists tearing.


Part Number

Single Use Cannula (10 per box) Threaded
5mm x 70mm 100-005-901
5mm x 100mm 100-005-911
10mm x 100mm 100-010-001
Single Use Replacement Valve
with CO2 Cap (20 per box)
5mm 100-005-631
7/8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm 100-010-744
Vortex 5mm Reducer Valve Cap included with every purchase of 15mm cannula system
Configurations with Smooth Cannula available for order in minimum quantities

In partnership with customers, GENICON will create Custom Procedure Kits to meet the needs of any Laparoscopic Surgical Specialty, ranging from General, Gynecologic, Urologic, and Pediatric surgery.

Contact us for information about Custom Procedure Kits and for distributors in your area.