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Bariatric Optical Bladeless Trocar

GENICON’s Single-Use Vision Bladeless Trocar System provides an operationally flexible, versatile, and unique mode of entry into the abdominal cavity for laparoscopic procedures. The visual tip greatly reduces wound defect size and insertion force to enter the abdominal cavity. Blind entry and sharp blade injuries are virtually eliminated with the use of GENICON’s Bladeless Tip Trocar Systems.

Accompanied by a laparoscope, the optical tip provides direct visuals of the various tissue layers during insertion. Trauma to the abdominal wall and vessels are minimized because the bladeless tip separates and dissects without cutting.

Natura’s ergonomic wing grip fits comfortably in the palm of your hand while its low profile provides comfort and stability. It brings the familiarity of a palm grip option instead of that of a pistol grip. This patented handle design is an industry-first. It is made from a single polycarbonate mold that provides sturdiness and reliability with trocar placement.

  • Bladeless Tip Dissects without cutting, and allows for visualization during insertion
  • Injuries due to blind entry and a sharp blade are virtually eliminated with the Optical Trocar Systems
  • Cannula incorporates a beveled and angled distal tip
  • Dual Seal Valve Technology minimizes loss of insufflation pressure, maintaining pneumoperitoneum

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Vortex 5mm Reducer Valve Cap included with every purchase of 15mm trocar and cannula system
Configurations with Smooth Cannula available for order in minimum quantities

Bariatric Bladeless Optical Trocars

Per Box

Part Number

5mm x 150mm Natura with One Threaded Cannula 5 210-005-251
5mm x 150mm Natura with Two Threaded Cannula 5 210-005-252
10mm x 150mm Natura with One Threaded Cannula 5 210-010-251
12mm x 150mm Natura with One Threaded Cannula 5 210-012-251
15mm x 100mm Natura with One Threaded Cannula 5 210-015-151
15mm x 150mm Natura with One Threaded Cannula 5 210-015-251

In partnership with customers, GENICON will create Custom Procedure Kits to meet the needs of any Laparoscopic Surgical Specialty, ranging from General, Gynecologic, Urologic, and Pediatric surgery.

Contact us for information about Custom Procedure Kits and for distributors in your area.