GeniFlow Suction Irrigation

Suction Irrigation (Lavage)

Innovation at its Best!
GENICON’s Single-Use Suction Irrigation system, as all of our products, was designed with our commitment to quality and value at the forefront. “Comfort and Control” lead the way with an ergonomic hand-piece that fits into either the left or right hand. The friction reducing, double sealing valve systems provide precision operation of the suction and irrigation functions while preventing leakage.

High capacity tubing opens the gateway for easy flow of fluids & masses through the entire system, virtually eliminating clogging. Our wide array of suction probe attachments, combined with our Speed-Connect system, collectively facilitates rapid exchange of any desired suction-irrigation function.

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Part Number

AQUAS Single-Spike Gravity Fed Tube Set
(10 per box)
Single-Spike Gravity Fed Tube Set 700-000-010
Reusable Vent Probes
(1 each)
5mm x 33cm 8 Vent 707-005-033
5mm x 45cm 8 Vent 707-005-045
10mm x 33cm 16 Vent 707-010-033
Reusable Electrocautery Probes
(1 each)
5mm x 33cm Spatula Probe 707-005-133
5mm x 33cm J-Hook Probe 707-005-233
5mm x 33cm L-Hook Probe 707-005-333
Powered Suction/Irrigation
8-vent Single-Spike Disposable Probe and Tube Set (10 per box) 710-300-000*
*Only for Customers with Discontinued Pump 717-000-000

In partnership with customers, GENICON will create Custom Procedure Kits to meet the needs of any Laparoscopic Surgical Specialty, ranging from General, Gynecologic, Urologic, and Pediatric surgery.

Contact us for information about Custom Procedure Kits and for distributors in your area.