Green Initiative

Green Initiative

Product Development

Our goal to become a greener company starts with our products.   GENICON is currently in the process of engineering a new Palm Bladeless line of Visual Tip Trocars that will require approximately 70% less plastic to produce than our current pistol grip version. The Natura PalmTM will not only be friendlier on the environment, it will also provide another option for doctors who prefer to have a lower profile grip.  An additional benefit is that it will cost less to produce, a savings that will be passed along to the Customer.

In addition to manufacturing leaner products, GENICON is also fully aware of the impact disposable medical devices have on our nation’s landfills and the environment.  That is why we are working with to reduce and offset our carbon footprint with Forestry, Energy Efficiency, and Renewable Energy projects.

Other Company-wide Green Initiatives

At GENICON we strive to have as little impact on the environment as possible.  This starts with our Lean philosophy, by reducing the amount of waste in our manufacturing processes, we are able to significantly reduce our environmental footprint and also benefit from a financial standpoint as well.  From our viewpoint, it is truly a win-win situation.

In addition to our Lean philosophy, GENICON also makes a concerted effort to reduce waste and energy consumption at our manufacturing facility.  From energy efficient florescent lighting to the biodegradable cups we drink out of, we are always trying to find ways to be better stewards of our environmental surroundings.