A Li-Gator Disposable Clip Applier

A Li-Gator Disposable Clip Applier

Reliable Performance

The GENICON A Li-Gator Disposable Clip Applier offers reliable performance, comfortable grips and the following features:

  • 360° rotation knob
  • Tip angled 20° to facilitate visualization of anatomic features
  • 20 Titanium Medium/Large ligation clips are pre-loaded in the device
  • 29cm x 10mm lucent shaft provides line of sight to remaining clips
  • Ergonomic hand piece facilitates control

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Clip Applier

Part Number

Pre-loaded Applier Only (5 per box)
Disposable Clip Applier – 10mm x 29cm 360-010-001

In partnership with customers, GENICON will create Custom Procedure Kits to meet the needs of any Laparoscopic Surgical Specialty, ranging from General, Gynecologic, Urologic, and Pediatric surgery.

Contact us for information about Custom Procedure Kits and for distributors in your area.