GeniClip – Open Applier

Open Applier

The Strength of Titanium

The GENICON open clip applier offers reliable performance, comfortable grip and different jaw options to choose from. Designed for use with Titanium clips with anti-slippage grooves, which offer secure closure and no memory effect to prevent clip from opening after application.  The clips and clip applier are simple to use, just position the ligation clip around the structure and apply pressure to the handle.

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Clip Applier

Part Number

Applier Only (1 per box)
18 cm 330-005-000
23 cm 330-005-002
28 cm 330-005-003
28 cm 330-005-004
28 cm 330-005-005


Part Number

Cartridge Size (20 per box)
6 Small Clips 350-000-101
6 Medium Clips 350-000-102
6 M/L Clips 350-000-103
6 Large Clips 350-000-104

Clip Sizes

In partnership with customers, GENICON will create Custom Procedure Kits to meet the needs of any Laparoscopic Surgical Specialty, ranging from General, Gynecologic, Urologic, and Pediatric surgery.

Contact us for information about Custom Procedure Kits and for distributors in your area.