Growing Strong

This month, GENICON’s Operations continue to develop as the Company further increases its manufacturing capabilities by expanding its injection molding operation. The new systems will further increase the firms production capabilities that will work in concert with the ongoing increasing demand for the Company’s products throughout the global healthcare system.

Nordic Urology Meeting

GENICON, through its exclusive Distributor, Neovitalis proudly displayed the Company’s entire range of Products at the Nordic Urologic Congress, which was held in Odense, Denmark from June 14 – 16th, 2017.  Surgeons and healthcare administrators throughout the Scandinavian region attended the exhibition and warmly welcomed GENICON’s products into this very important healthcare market.

A-LiGator Disposable Laparoscopic Clip Applier

GENICON is proud to announce its official launch of the A Li Gator, a 10mm Titanium Medium/Large multi-fire Ligation device.   The product features excessive attention to detail toward the human factor interface between the surgeon and the instrument to maximize hepatic feedback during clip deployment.  The 20 medium large titanium clips were developed to assure perfect alignment during closure to help assure proper ligating effect.