A-LiGator Disposable Laparoscopic Clip Applier

GENICON is proud to announce its official launch of the A Li Gator, a 10mm Titanium Medium/Large multi-fire Ligation device.   The product features excessive attention to detail toward the human factor interface between the surgeon and the instrument to maximize hepatic feedback during clip deployment.  The 20 medium large titanium clips were developed to assure perfect alignment during closure to help assure proper ligating effect.

GENICON at UAE MOH International Surgical Conference

Genicon and Premium Medical Supplies, the exclusive distributor of Genicon products in UAE, attended in February 2017 the 4th Khorfakkan International Surgical Conference for the second consecutive year and sponsored the laparoscopic workshop. The conference was full of success as more than 400 Doctors saw our products and showed their interest in Genicon products. During the workshop program, over 70 surgeons showed interest in the usage of Genicon in laparoscopic surgeries. Surgeons were highly satisfied with the easy handling and the effectiveness of our instruments during the workshop of the conference.

GENICON NHS Supply Chain

GENICON, with partner Distributors York Medical and IONA Surgical,  are proud to be official suppliers to  the NHS,  United Kingdom’s National HealthCare System .

After several months of trials and evaluations , GENICON was one of the select brands chosen to be part of the national supply chain.  All product codes are now available to NHS Hospitals in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.