International Pediatric Endosurgery Group Exhibition London

IPEG  A focal point for GENICON as a company resides within its Nano Surge product group, which serves the very important global Pediatric Endosurgery market.  Clinicians and healthcare system representatives from around the world recently attended the International Pediatric Endosurgery Group meeting, held within London, England from July 19 – 22nd.  The Company’s products were discussed continuously within the attendees as being some of the most innovative introduced into the market.  GENICON is extremely dedicated to perfecting it’s Nano Surge product range, and has several new inventions set to launch throughout the coming months to support the Pediatric surgeons who provide care to furture generations.



Once again GENICON was part of the 2017 Health Trust University Conference in Las Vegas as an exhibitor , presenting current and new products within the field of laparoscopy to hundreds of Material Management and Supply Chain professionals who showed an overwhelming positive response and interest in doing business with GENICON.

Growing Strong

This month, GENICON’s Operations continue to develop as the Company further increases its manufacturing capabilities by expanding its injection molding operation. The new systems will further increase the firms production capabilities that will work in concert with the ongoing increasing demand for the Company’s products throughout the global healthcare system.