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GENICON Scores Big at SLS in San Francisco

The Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons (SLS) Annual Meeting and Endo Expo is one of the largest conferences of the year for surgeons and other health care providers that perform minimally invasive surgery. There were over 800 registrants that attended this years conference in San Francisco, California. GENICON was pleased to accept the 2007 Innovation of The Year Award on September 6th, 2007. GENICON’s US Director of Sales and Marketing Randy Rubin accepted the award and commented, ” On behalf of GENICON, I am pleased to accept the Innovation of The Year Award for our 15mm Bladeless Trocar System. Our Bladeless Trocar System provides clear visualization without distortion, reduced defect size, and requires much less insertion force than our competitors. Our patented primary valve system accepts instrumentation from 5mm to 15mm with minimal leakage so that procedures can be done with ease and confidence. We wish to thank SLS and its committee for recognizing our innovative products. We look forward to a strong and lasting partnership with all those involved in making Minimally Invasive Surgery easier for Surgeons and their colleagues as well as better for patients worldwide.” This is one of several conferences that GENICON participates in and supports.

About The Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons
The Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons (SLS) is a non-profit, multidisciplinary and multispecialty educational organization established to provide an open forum for surgeons and other health professionals interested in laparoscopic, endoscopic and minimally invasive surgery. SLS endeavors to improve patient care and promote the highest standards of practice through education training, and information distribution. SLS provides a forum for the introduction, discussion and dissemination of new and established ideas, techniques and therapies in minimal access surgery. A fundamental goal of SLS is ensuring that its members have access to the newest ideas and approaches, as rapidly as possible. SLS makes information available from national and international experts through its publications, videos, conferences, and other electronic media. For more information, visit .

GENICON Names FTSI Supplier of the Year

Mulberry, Florida, April 27, 2007/ — GENICON honored the outstanding performance of FTSI, one of the company’s Strategic Critical suppliers, with the presentation of its Supplier of the Year Award. The award was presented at FTSI in Mulberry, Florida to Dr. Richard G. Hunter, President and CEO, and Dr. Susan LeFrancois, Director of Regulatory Affairs/QA. FTSI was selected for the Supplier of the Year award through successful evaluation based on meeting high standards in the areas of technology, quality, responsiveness, delivery and cost.

“This award recognizes that an effective partnership between GENICON and its suppliers is vital in this competitive industry,” said Gary Haberland, GENICON CEO, who gave final approval for the award after committee review. “FTSI differentiated itself with high-quality delivery and product cost management as well as strong account management and quick responsiveness to GENICON’s evolving needs. FTSI is committed to providing outstanding service to its customers, and this award is tangible proof of the efforts FTSI has made to strengthen our turnaround of sterilized product deliveries, quality and overall customer support. We are honored to recognize FTSI as our first Supplier of the Year, and we look forward to furthering our partnership with this industry leader.”

About Food Technology Service, Inc.
Food Technology Service, Inc. was organized as a Florida corporation on December 11, 1985. The Company owns and operates an irradiation facility located in Mulberry, Florida, that uses gamma radiation produced by Cobalt 60 to treat or process various food and non-food items for insect disinfestations, shelf life extension and reduction of microorganisms. Operations commenced in January 1992 upon completion of its facility. For further information regarding FTSI, please visit their web site at .