GENICON Awarded New Premier Purchasing Agreements for Endomechanical and Trocar Products

GENICON was awarded two new agreements from Premier Purchasing Partners, L.P., an affiliate of Premier, Inc., which is collectively an alliance of more than 2,700 member hospitals and health systems and 93,000-plus other healthcare sites. The contracts are effective April 1, 2012 – March 31, 2015. Theresa Hoegstrom, GENICON U.S. Business Development Manager commented, “GENICON welcomes the new opportunities that arise from these contract awards, as it benefits all parties. Patients, clinicians and Premier healthcare members around the U.S. are able to gain access our quality, best-in-class technologies to better their patient care and surgical outcomes, all the while enjoying cost efficiencies and supply chain enhancement to reach their bottom line. We are proud to be one of the suppliers chosen to help accomplish this goal.”


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