GENICON Awarded Endomechanical and Trocar Agreements with the Premier Healthcare Alliance

GENICON® announced today that it has been awarded two 36-month group purchasing agreements with the Premier Healthcare Alliance, for its full range of Endomechanical products (GeniStrong™ Specimen Retrieval Solutions, Disposable Instrumentation, Ligation) and Trocar products (Laparoscopic Access Ports, including the GeniPalm™ and Natura™ brands). Effective April 1, 2015, these new agreements allow Premier members to take advantage of special pricing and terms pre-negotiated by Premier for Endomechanical and Trocar products.

“We’re excited to have these contract awards with Premier for another three years and the opportunity to continue to provide quality laparoscopic product solutions to a very large network of healthcare providers. Genicon’s product offering is unique to that of its competitors in terms of quality, innovation and cost effectiveness; a breath of fresh air to those customers who are looking for a positive change that fits right into their organizational blueprint.” –Theresa Hoegstrom (U.S. Market Business Development Manager)

Genicon highlights its GeniStrong™ Specimen Retrieval Bags in the Premier Endomechanical agreement, offering retrieval solutions with versatility, strength and confidence in nylon pouches. Nylon is the preferred choice of surgeons as it is not prone to bursting or propagating tears with bag extraction. Within the trocar agreement, Genicon offers bladed and non-bladed options, with or without optical capabilities. The GeniPalm™ trocars provide the most economical solution (non-optical) with an ergonomic grip and smooth bladeless entry while the Natura™ provides the same benefits plus unfettered visualization.


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