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United States
6869 Stapoint Court, #114
Winter Park, FLORIDA 32792
Telephone :+1 407.657.4851
Fax: +1 407.677.9773
European Authorized Representative Genicon
44 Airedale Avenue Chiswick,
London United Kingdom W4 2NW
Telephone : 44-203-286-3414
Contact - Olga Haberland

Olga Haberland
Europe Business Development / Marketing
Primary Phone +1.407.657.4851  x 304
Secondary Phone +1.407.927.1743
Skype ohaberland
Contact - Refaat Moniem

Refaat Moniem, MD
Middle East and Africa Business Development
Primary Phone +1.407.657.4851 x303
Secondary Phone  +1.407.733.5621
Skype refaatmoniem
Contact - Laura Strelitzki

Laura Strelitzki
Latin America and Asia Business Development
Primary Phone +1.407.657.4851 x308
Secondary Phone +(57)310.538.0891
Skype laura.acosta.lopez1
Gary Lawler
Endo Product Specialist
Primary Phone +323877681978
Primary Phone +1.407.657.4851
Skype garylawler1
Contact - Theresa Hoegstrom

Theresa Hoegstrom
Director of National Accounts and Strategic Initiatives
Primary Phone +1.407.657.4851 x301
Secondary Phone +1.321.305.8871
Skype Theresa.white.genicon
Contact - Jim Kirchberg

Jim Kirchberg
Vice President of Sales & Distribution – U.S.A.
Primary Phone +1.815.355.5603
Secondary Phone +1.407.657.4851 x302
Fax +1.407.677.9773
Skype Jim.kirchberg.genicon
Contact - Doug Dotson

Doug Dotson
Clinical Product Specialist
Primary Phone +1 407.848.9728
Secondary Phone +1 407.657.4851
Skype dwd_102
Contact - Justin Colon

Justin Colon
Customer Service
Primary Phone +1.407.657.4851 x800
Skype jcc_450


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